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Onkar Lakhe

Craftveda Technologies was founded  in 2017 by the pioneers and stalwarts from the Global Technology & Business Services industry . Our main motto is to enhance business agility by leveraging technology and operations to maximize value from the business.

We are a team of management consultants ,technology experts and  entrepreneurs with strong academic and business pedigree. Our core team includes alumni from Boston Consulting Group ,Tata group,and top educational institutions like Stanford, IIT,Loyola etc.. Our expertise spans across multiple industries and 300+ projects with more than 50 years of cumulative experience.


Leadership Team

Abhisek Sengupta
Joseph Flowers

Joseph Flowers founded FLW International LLC in 1996 after building, maintaining and managing business, accounting and management systems for a number of companies, including the Chicago Board of Trade and General American Transportation. Flowers and FLW have had repeated success in providing digital and analytical platforms that help clients achieve their business goals. In addition to serving as a partner with FLW International, Flowers is also a partner with MeetApp North America.

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5815 N Sheridan Road





B10/2 Golf Green Urban Complex

Kolkata- 700095




8+ years of cross industry exposure across Banking, Retail and Healthcare helping clients in consulting and enhance business agility by leveraging technology and operations. Leading a global team across North America, Mexico,London and India, Sengupta brings immense value across entrepreneurial & corporate spheres – in Internet, Mobile, Telecom, Education & Legal domains. He helped global companies build strategies and enter new markets, build innovative products, and set up and scale software centers globally.

Abhisek Sengupta founded Craftveda Retail Pvt Ltd in 2012 which aims in selling handicraft products from artisans directly to the global market.

Onkar Lakhe served multiple Fortune 500 companies across globe primarily in Retail Sector.

Onkar comes with a mix of business and technical expertise and  helped clients migrate to an integrated Technology & Operations business model using a data-backed, yet consultative approach, Having worked with multiple engagements ,Onkar brings immense exposure on new age digital technology helping clients on cloud adoption strategy.

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