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Application Development & Integration

Craftveda Technology provides motivated, innovative and experienced product developers to build your products and solutions. We have expertise in PHP, Ruby on Rails, , Java,.Net Perl, MySQL, Oracle and several other technologies. Our teams practice agile methodologies to build your solution. We build a variety of custom software solutions for our clients.​

Here are some of our Offerings:- 

  • Cloud-based products / SaaS products

  • Enterprise solutions

  • Automation

  • E-commerce products

  • Custom CMS products

  • Social Media products

  • Open Source Web Development

  • Banking and Financial solutions

  • Social Media products​

  • Telecom solutions

Too much Technical !!! We can speak your language too. Just give us a call and our team of expert consultants can help understand your business problems,gather requirements, and finally decode that  to deliver your Next generation application. 


You are just an email or a phone call away to take the next step of transforming your business. !! 

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Application integration (sometimes called enterprise application integration or EAI) is the process of bringing data or a function from one application program together with that of another application program. Where these programs already exist, the process is sometimes realized by using Middleware, either packaged by a vendor or written on a custom basis. An common challenge for an enterprise is to integrate an existing (or legacy) program with a new program or with a Web service program of another company.

How Agile is your business?


Business agility seems a given; who wouldn't say they wanted to be agile in response to opportunities, issues and competition?  We all want that .The question is whether the response is likely to involve a change in the movement of work among applications.  Our questions to help you find your right answer 

  1. Do you pass any work directly between applications today?

  2. Over the past two years, have you purchased or developed new applications based on changes in your business?

  3. Does your company face changes in its product or service lineup, or changes in competition?

  4. Is your business highly regulated and expected to respond to regulatory changes quickly?

  5. Do you expect changes in business status, such as incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, or operating geography?

Call us to know more about our Digital Technology & Automation offerings.

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